Hatha yoga: what you need to know about it

Many of us are familiar with yoga and we all know that yoga has different styles. These styles come from the teachings of different yoga gurus and many of the yoga styles are named after them.

One yoga style that most of us are familiar with is Hatha yoga. This style was developed thousands of years ago and believed to have originated in India. Hatha is a Sanskrit word which literally means “force”. It implies a system of physical techniques. It is a modern style of yoga that focuses on physical practices or asanas. The heart of this practice is focused on proper breathing and it teaches you how to maintain your breathing even when you are in difficult poses.

Hatha yoga is also about having a balance between your mind and body. Others say that Hathan comes from two words which are “ha” (represents the sun) and “tha” (represents the moon). Therefore the goal of hatha yoga is to join these two energy forms and create a balance between them.

If you’ve been practising hatha yoga for quite a while now, you may be surprised by these known details about this practice.

Hatha yoga can tone down the spine

Most of us do not pay much attention to our spinal health that sometimes result in health problems such as backache. We all know that our nerves extend from our spine and connect various organs to our brain. Once the spine is stiffened, it causes the nerves to flow freely through our body thus resulting in weakening our internal organs which transform to certain sickness. 

With the poses of hatha yoga such as Cobra Pose and Plank Pose, it helps your spine to relax and remain supple resulting in strong nerves and a healthy body.

Hatha yoga can tone makes your body and muscles strong

Hatha yoga poses are mostly weight-bearing which you have to hold for a lengthy period of time, plus you have to repeat these poses for multiple times during your practice. During these activities, your muscles are engaged in functional fitness. It also allows the body to be stretched in different ways making them strong and flexible. 

When your muscles are strong, you will be able to maintain a well-carved body look and a healthy functional body which you need on your daily working activities.

Hatha yoga can improve your balance and posture

At any age, balance is vital in our everyday life to have maximum performance. With hatha yoga, the poses help improve focus, coordination and overall sense balance. When you have a strong sense of balance, you are able to prevent yourself from falling and avoid injuries. This style has different poses that vary from simple to challenging positions which can help stretch your spine and improve your posture helping you to look taller and feel confident.

The improved posture and balance benefits of hatha yoga are highly appealing.

Hatha yoga helps relax the mind

When you experience stress and anxiety, you experience frustration, anger and irritation. To ease your mind, all you have to do is perform some hatha yoga poses. And since you have to focus on your breathing, it will help you relax your mind. The hatha yoga poses also helps in opening body parts that are keeping negative emotions. Therefore, those tensions are released from your body resulting in a calmer and happier mind. 

Hatha yoga encourages an individual to gain mental peace and positive attitude which is the key to have a blissful life. If you want to get away from stressful living and want to embrace peacefulness, then hatha yoga is surely a great way. It will help you to feel good and adopt positivity in order to feel happy and healthy.

Hatha yoga helps improved overall well-being

With this type of yoga, you will have an opportunity to improve your balance, practice positivity, learn relaxation techniques and make your body flexible and strong. Not only does it enhance your life’s aspect of physical, mental and spiritual, but it also encourages you to release negative feelings of sadness and grieving, therefore, helping you improve feelings of happiness and peacefulness.

Why is hatha yoga popular?

Among the different styles of yoga, hatha yoga is the most popular. Though this style was ancient and classic, many people use this practice for the purpose of improving their health and developing a strong mind. Hatha yoga is a very effective form in disciplining your body. It helps your body to work and purify it so it can channel positive energy so you can apply positivity in your everyday life.

The popularity of this yoga style basically lies in its natural system that is designed to align the body, calm the mind and prepare yourself for meditation. Its goal is to help you practice positive change not only physically and psychologically but also physiology. These benefits are not only claims, but these have been proven by studies and backed with medical evidence. 

Hatha yoga is not only gaining popularity in modern times. Many medical practitioners now also understand many advantages that yoga newtown offers. It has the ability not only to make the body healthy and strong but also give clarity to the mind. This is why hatha yoga has also been accepted to be an important part of the healthcare system.