The power of yoga for better skin

Many people love yoga because it’s an effective form of exercise that releases stress and helps in building strength. However, there is another benefit you can get from yoga, and that is making your skin glow. Yes, yoga skin glow is real, and if you practice yoga regularly, you’ll notice its effects on your skin.

If you practice yoga, you move your body, and by moving your body, detoxification happens. Your joints are lubricated, and there is respiration. The proper breathing exercises when you do yoga helps in balancing your hormones which leads to happier and healthier skin.

Yoga is often seen as a holistic approach to have a healthy mind and body. But the truth is, it definitely does more than that. Yoga plays an important role in your beauty routine.

So here are some benefits of yoga to your skin.

Help achieves rosy glow.

There are yoga poses that help in increasing blood flow to your face and other upper parts of your body. Some of these poses or asanas include triangle pose, fish pose, shoulder stand, etc. When you do these poses, you enhance your blood circulation beneath your skin.

When there is improved blood circulation, it means that the blood delivers oxygen and other nutrients to your skin. It also flushes out waste from your skin cells. All these results in having a rosy glow in your skin, making you look like you just got laser resurfacing.

Helps repair damaged skins cells

The breathing exercises in yoga not only help you release stress but also helps in improving the flow of oxygen in your body which leads to skin regeneration.

Deep breathing aids your lungs to accommodate an increasing amount of oxygen and lead to more blood flow to your skin. And since the blood has a high oxygen level, it can repair the damages in your skin due to sun exposure and other free radicals.

Help get rid of skin imperfections

It is easy to develop acne and other skin problems once the skin is exposed to impurities. Yoga poses that involve deep breathing exercises help in proper blood circulation and increase oxygen supply, making the environment healthy and free from skin impurities.

Yoga poses raise your body’s core temperature and energise your body. As a result, you end up sweating, releasing your toxins, dirt and other impurities. Blemishes and dullness are caused by these toxins, so when they are sweat out, it can result in healthy and clear skin.

Since we have mentioned that yoga helps flush out toxins and dirt, it can also help in preventing acne breakouts.

Promotes healthy skin

If you want to maintain healthy and glowing skin, then you should pay attention to your digestive system. If you have good digestion, your body absorbs the nutrient properly while getting rid of toxins and other impurities. On the other hand, a bad digestive system is a risk of developing acne, dull skin and skin allergies.

With yoga, you can improve your digestive system and avoid abdominal pain and bloating. There are yoga asanas that you can do that shake up your gut to detoxify your body effectively.

Yoga can do wonders in your body and mind. And with proper detoxification through yoga asanas, you can achieve a fresher and lovely skin glow. So what are you waiting for? Get your mat and wear your stretchy pants and browse some tutorials or join a yoga club. 

Meditate and do yoga regularly to experience overall mind and body healing and get a step closer to the skin you have always wanted.